Digital Temperature Monitoring

Digital Temperature Monitoring

Digital Temperature Monitoring

Incorrect temperatures are one of the most common problems that can occur in temperature-sensitive environments such as colds, freezers, and production rooms.

Too high temperatures in colds and freezers not only pose a health hazard, but can also mean that large quantities of food must be discarded. Too low temperatures cause unnecessarily high electricity consumption and reduce equipment life.

Blipp digital temperature monitoring protects you against the various problems that incorrect temperatures can cause.

We install the solution and test that everything works properly. The solution is easy to use, and no special prerequisites are required.

Through a base station and any number of temperature sensors, you get complete control of your business. If required, sensors can easily be added or removed.

With our digital temperature control you do not have to make routine measurements and can focus on other things in your business.

The temperature controls, in combination with the other documentation available on "My pages", give you a complete digital self-control.

You also get access to statistics that facilitate follow-up and reporting. In addition, the solution has advanced self-monitoring that provides stable and safe operation.

Each sensor reads the temperature continuously and all data is automatically recorded online. You can see the temperatures from the various sensors at any time by using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Different limit values ​​can be set for each sensor. If a temperature deviates from the set limit value, you immediately receive an alarm via text message or e-mail.

Always make sure all cabinets and cabinets are at the right temperature! In addition, you save operating time compared to manual temperature measurement.

In addition, you no longer need to maintain accurate measurement and reporting; you get Temperature Control measurements and reports automatically around the clock. Simple and secure!

If any temperature is wrong, the alarm sounds immediately and you can take immediate steps to minimize product losses and ensure food quality!

“-You can measure manually once a day, but Temperature Control automatically measures 1000 times a week! "

"Control of temperature is a basic requirement for safe food"

Everyone who works with food is obliged to know what temperatures the food should keep in order to be safe and how to store it. In order to ensure that you sell and serve safe food, both knowledge and the right measuring instruments are required,