Say goodbye to (MANUAL) temperature control

The new digital Blipp temperature system, remotely monitors and records the temperature in your coolers and freezes and helps you save time and money.


Real time dala logger

The temperature and humidity in colds and freezers are measured, recorded and archived via our unique wireless and waterproof sensors, at one minute intervals.

Real time viewing

Thanks to our web and mobile applications, you get the opportunity to see / follow the temperature and humidity in your fridge anywhere and freeze in real time with mobile, tablet and computers.

Warning message and notices

The system monitors your refrigerators and freezers around the clock and when faults occur - when the temperature / humidity is above or below the specified value or if the door is open longer than specified - a warning message is sent via e-mail and sms to pre-registered e-mail and telephone numbers .

Simple, fast and smart

The system is very easy to install, use and monitor. The system keeps track of the entire system, responds quickly and sends instant notifications when something happens outside your conditions. The system uses smart technology so that it continues to save levels in case of any electrical and Internet outages and alerts the system administrator.

Advanced Reporting

The system monitors cooling and freezing around the clock and records / records temperature, humidity and any errors that have occurred as well as its actions. These registrations can be downloaded as a daily, weekly or monthly report in a single click in PDF format or forwarded to the relevant authorities or the system administrator.

Reasonable price, easy installation

No investment costs Only 1: - per fridge / freezer per day and 3900: - one-time installation fee.

Automatisk egenkontroll och temperaturövervakning för kyl och frys

Spara pengar med blipp digital temperaturövervakning

Felaktiga temperaturer i viktiga utrymmen kan orsaka många problem. Med Blipp trådlös övervakning har du alltid full kontroll på temperaturen med mobill app – var du än befinner dig.

Automatisk egenkontroll och temperaturövervakning för kyl och frys.

Förr mätte vi varje kyl och frys manuellt en gång om dagen. Temperaturkontroll mäter automatiskt 1440 gånger i dagen! Till en bråkdel av kostnaden.

  • Kontinuerliga och tillförlitliga mätningar
  • Larm vid avvikelser
  • Automatisk dokumentation och spårbarhet

Erbjud alltid färska och hälsosamma produkter till dina kunder!


Why use a digital temperature monitoring system

We offer a smart system that does not require large investments, is very easy to install and can get started right away. Owning such a system couldn't be cheaper and easier than right now.

Save money with blipp digital temperature monitoring

Incorrect temperatures in important areas can cause many problems.

With (BLE 5.0) wireless monitoring, you always have full control of the temperature with the mobile app - wherever you are.

In addition, thanks to limit values and alarms (SMS - EMAIL), you receive an early warning of incorrect temperatures, which reduces the risk of major financial losses.

Save money with blipp digital temperature monitoring

It is a legal responsibility to keep the food at the specified temperature.

It is a legal responsibility to keep the food at the specified temperature. Ambient temperature has a serious effect on micro-formation and spread in food.

For this reason, food should be kept at the specified temperature to maintain product quality and consumer health. In order to ensure food safety, companies must control food temperatures according to laws and regulations.

That is why Blipp's temperature measurement and control system is your reliable partner, as they fully follow the HACCP principles in food safety management and gastronomy.

 It is a legal responsibility to keep the food at the specified temperature.

Temperature measurement system in accordance with the HACCP regulation specific to the gastronomy sector.

Various challenges show that accurate measurement technology is an important building block for the success of companies in the gastronomy industry.

Our temperature sensors and data logs are practically proven in many challenging applications and are used safely in all areas that require temperature measurement with restaurants, hospitals, pharmacies, restaurant companies, cold storage, greenhouses and markets.

By using Blipp's automatic temperature control system, you always offer fresh, high-quality and safe food products to your customers without worrying.

Temperature measurement system in accordance with the HACCP regulation specific to the gastronomy sector.



Digital Temperature Monitoring

Incorrect temperatures are one of the most common problems that can occur in temperature-sensitive environments such as colds, freezers, and production rooms.

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Digital Temperature Monitoring


The system is easy to install. No long wiring, extra hose or new control unit is required. No electrician, no cooling technician or IT personnel should be called.

You can install the system yourself if you wish. The receivers with Gateway can easily be mounted on the wall or ceiling plate, preferably in the shop or where Gateway coverage is good. The sen...

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Application Screens

Thanks to our mobile application, all the controls of the device are at your fingertips


You can access your data anytime, both on mobile and on the web, and report it according to your needs.

Instant Notification

Thanks to Mail, IOS and Android application, you can get news from all events instantly.

Legal Schedules

It will automatically prepare the necessary legal charts for your business, just print it out. .


Wireless Temperature Monitoring System for Restaurants

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